My Grandma

Okay so before I post about my grandmas out of this world spaghetti sauce I’ve got to tell you a little bit about this woman.

That little grinning woman was my grandmother. Let me tell you a few facts about my grandmother.

1. She smoked at least a pack a day.
2. She only weighed around 100 lbs (on a heavy day) and drank two martinis a night.
3. She liked garlic like you wouldn’t believe.
4. She survived pancreatic cancer.
5. She raised something around a million children (somewhere closer to 24, but still – a boat load).
6. She use to say things like, “Don’t sit on that chair wet” and “Here’s some newspapers you can sit on” or “Don’t drip in the house walk through the porch”
7. She lived by water and I use to swim a lot…
8. She played solitaire every morning and golf everyday.
9. She sewed like it was her job. Infact – it was her job.
10. She always smelled like a mix of smoke and food.

The lake she had a cottage on, just so happened to be where my parents decided to settle and thus, I grew up where she vacationed. And that’s just one more reason why my wedding will be in my hometown.

Remember next comes how to make grandma’s spaghetti!!

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