Coffee Shops

Coffee shops have a very warm good part in my heart. Not the ones where each cup is printed for holidays and for consumption (Cough*Starbucks*Cough) Oh no the coffee shops I’m talking about are those true gems in a town. My home town of course doesn’t have one, but where I went to college I learned about. Coffee. That and Coffee shops. You see some coffee shops don’t even have coffee.

For instance, this is a relic of a great coffee shop in my local area. It’s a sketch book and you know I’m not very artistic (at least when it comes to sketching) – however this is the best reading you can ever do. The best thing is there’s a flow of one person’s work to the next. It’s beautiful. It’s a sign that in the world we are all connected. It’s life – proof we aren’t in it alone.

There’s an example that always rocks my socks. It’s a picture one of my friends drew and months later we went back to check it out and someone ADDED to it. It’s beautiful. It makes me love life. EE!

And this is from a coffee shop that doesn’t sell coffee. Okay so that makes it not a coffee shop but for all the relative terms I’ve been discussing this is a coffee shop and it’s one of my favorites. I’ve been known to sit there with one of my absolute best friends and loose track of hours. Hours. Like five of them – Gone. Well not gone because we’ve discussed everything and laughed really really hard, and then we also have said some super sad stuff. Then we laugh again. And life goes on. Five hours later.

This my friends is one of my favorite things about coffee shops. It’s the furniture. You see coffee shops can’t just have any furniture, they have to have furniture that make you think, “The 70’s came to life vomited and out popped this couch” or “I’m sitting on something that clearly was mean to be thrown away years ago, and they saved it.” It’s the environmentalist in me, or maybe the fact that I’m addicted to DIY that makes me love love love, coffee shop furniture.

Here’s hoping you find one in your area, a good gem in the world of commercialized life and a place where everything is different and perfect.