Wedding Over Load

Okay so here’s the deal. Weddings are great. You’re all excited to spend the rest of your life with someone you’re so in love with it hurts to think about life without them. That’s the good part.

The rest. Is the. Well. The part you do from the couch that is stressful. I’d rather wrestle a bear than work on my wedding sometimes. Because

There are caterers to pick.
Invitations to Plan.
Photographers to sign.
Tuxedos to pick out.
Decor to plan.
Decor to make.
Friends to ask favors from.

Really it’s kinda a hassle. I do good with it though. One day I’ll do one thing. Then I’ll wait till my anxiety goes down before I even think about looking at my next to-do. But then there are days like today.

Days filled with the above things that need to get done and a whole lot of wedding blog searching.

Now don’t get me wrong I love a wedding blog just as much as the next gal. Okay probably half as much as the next gal. But either way who can look at these for hours. I mean really!?

Anyway here’s some things that caught my eye today.

Suspenders. Oh how I love thee. Also I like how everyone in this picture is happy. It makes me wish my dress was pants and suspenders that way I could jump over things and be this happy. (I’m a sucker for marketing can you tell!?)

Adorable details for maps on invitations, or decorations.

Invitations that make me wish not only were Nate and I’s story more difficult, but that I was awesome with graphic design. (I’m not).

Cute handmade placemats.

And a million more. It’s really about time I went back to hiding under my rock (like the boulder kind) and not coming out until June.

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