Saving Money

December Handsome and I spent a lot of money. Which is hard for us considering we are trying to save for things. You know a wedding, a house, a puppy, life. Ya. Us and the rest of the world. We’re trying. December just required gifts (see my previous post about how I love giving gifts- It’s a sick desire! I love giving things away!) and making people happy and adventures and travel. Which is great, but we wanted to calm things down a bit.

Okay all of that is a lie. If last month was October we still would have spent that much money. We had to put a security deposit down, some deposits, and buy some expenses for stuff. But that’s not where I’m going.

Here’s how Handsome and I are*trying* to save money this month.


We aren’t going out. Which is sad because we love our local Mexican joint (Oh the hot chips and salsa!), or local pizza place has an environment that I simply cannot cannot get enough of. On top of that I could use a cup of coffee (handsome says that doesn’t count. He also says Thai doesn’t count. He also says I can have what ever I want). We aren’t having any of this! We are trying to eat in for a whole MONTH.

That’s right you already are 16 days behind out this little challenge, but we are trying not to eat out for a month. It’s required a lot of cooking, patience, and creativity, but here’s a few things we’ve made to keep us sane.


My Grandma’s Spaggetti (Recipe someday I promise)

Pioneer Woman’s Beef Stew. (Note this picture is from her website, I can’t take pictures of food if I tried.) It was super tasty and Handsome made it allllll by himself. With only a few hiccups. He’s so great… Did I mention that already?


Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Piccatta is our favorite. (Again obv. not my picture) It has this delightful light taste due to the lemon and it makes my stomach soo happy.

You can tell we are really suffering from not eating out… More great food later! And an Enchiladas tutorial soon!