Well Charlie Brown What Are You Going to Do Now?

I get sad in the winter. Like real sad. Like hide under seven (not exaggerating here) and not come out until I feel better type of sad. Like so sad sometimes mid-sentence I find myself sitting on the kitchen floor suddenly sobbing. Coincidentally they have a name for this, SAD. Ironic right. I knew I was sad. So I like to call it Cabin Fever. And I got it bad.

I just get cold. So very very cold. My insides are cold. Which causes me to sit on my shower floor with the heat on full blast and just try to defrost. My feet are frozen, which always causes me to find comfort in blankets. Lots and Lots of blankets.

Well in the past few days it’s been bad. Bad. We’re talking going to bed at 8pm because my printer wasn’t working and I was cold and the shower ran out of hot water. So I hid. Under 7 blankets. Hiding from the world. It was too cold and cruel for me at that moment. And poor handsome. He came quietly into the room, “I fixed the printer. The cord was bad” (P.S. Cords can go bad. That’s computer technology bull shit) “Is there anything I can do for you?”   “Mmmfllf … cold” “It’s 8pm are you sure you want to go to bed. Don’t you have things to do?” “Mmmmlf”

So he left me alone. I was brewing against the world.

This. Isn’t acceptable world. People cannot hide under blankets forever. I tried.

To make a very long story short. Here’s a list of things that make me happy in a time when I want to hide from the world.


Handsome. Handsome is a constant bit of awesome in my life. Lately my new thing has been to run around the kitchen with my fists in the air yelling “He loves me!”
Christmas 2010_0053

Puppies: Which is why handsome has promised me one the minute our landlord will allow one (July 1st).
Labor Day Weekend 2010 004

Being in the kitchen. Cooking. In my snuggly clothes.

More helpful hints for hunting down those SADs and telling them who’s boss later.