Well Hello There 20-11 where did you come from?

Christmas 2010_0227

In 2011 I vow to do a few things. One of which is saying my vows to the man I love. (Hijole!)

– Tell handsome I love him more often.
– Blog More
– Take More pictures with Handsome’s big expensive scary camera. (Can you notice my fear?)
– Stress less about my wedding and shut up and get married already
– Blog at least one tutorial – successfully
– Blog more about … Food (what else?)
– Read more “for fun” books
– Travel more, and less (In the same sense of saving gas, and still seeing the people far away)
– Laugh more

I think this will be the year of more, which is probably a good thing seeing as I’m going to be marrying another and adding to my family. More goodness, more laughter, morel love, more food, more family, more friends. I think we could all use a little bit of that ya?