City Museum


Adventures are what it is all about. Handsome and I went to the St Louis City Museum last week and we had a blast. In fact we had so much fun we were tired after an hour and a half. There was this fun slide seen above.IMG_3208

Okay so really you go pretty stinking slow down this thing (it’s three stories high) UNLESS you left your feet and pull up your shoulder blades. It was awesome!


Handsome went slow so he could take lots of pictures down the way. It was fun.
St Louis_0051

Tee hee hee. His feet look like baby elf feet. Tee hee hee.

I tried on some cool hats and thought of all the double lives I could live.
St Louis_0077

Names Jessie, Jessie Sharpshooter. Or I could have said, Clint, Clint Eastwood (Name that movie).

St Louis_0078

Okay now this is a little crazy.

I was told to sit here and pose. I did as I was told.
St Louis_0183

Shortly after this picture we left because we were sweating in December and needed ice-cream. (Life is good right?) So I yelped ice-cream and we hit the road. Well after I realized I accidentally clicked the wrong button and I wanted ice-cream not Gellato.  Oops… We headed the right direction and got the best SUNDAE EVER. Yes it did call for caps. Sheesh..


This was the crown kitchen creamery. (I think). It was so so tasty.


Handsome enjoyed his scoop of chocolate. *Blech*

While I enjoyed this sucker…


Okay so you can’t really see the ice-cream, but I had to get it to go, so they had to put it in that Bohemith cup. It has fresh whip cream, pecans!, and the best hard ice-cream ever. Oh of course with hot fudge. It was so so good. Okay now I want ice-cream instead of lunch. Damnit.