Jewelry is a Mess

I hate jewelry. Mostly because I don’t wear it that often.

Okay that is a lie. I hate jewelry because well it’s natural habitat is one large pile. Either in a bowl, or on a counter. On a sink. Hell in the sink drain. As a whole. Jewelry has a bad reputation and for a good reason.

Except I love my jewelry. I have unique pieces from gifts and mostly from thrift store finds. Or splurging for a nice necklace.

I simply had no where to hang it all.

Now I do.

Christmas 2011 240

This took weeks, but it was so worth it.

Christmas 2011 235

All my beauties are given a place of honor. Which is funny because the first necklace on the left is totally my penny necklace. A favorite for sure.

How did I do it? I took an old font drawer and wiped it down. You can see into some of the squares there are missing pieces of paper, and some places the paper is torn, but I tried to just wipe down the dust, not interfere with the wood or the ink built up over the years.

Then I bought a pack of small hooks, mine were golden, but if you have a better hardware store you can find silver, or you can always spray paint them. I think some craft stores may have some in pink or what not. I liked the way the gold looked.

The hardest part is screwing in all of those little hooks. I suggest wearing hard leather gloves, but I don’t think that would work because small nimble fingers are totally necessary for this project. Hence the reason why it would take weeks. I would get 20 hooks done and then I would have to walk away because the tips of my fingers ached it was not nice.

However looking back on it, weeks later with healed fingers. I think I did an alright job. I think I like jewelry.

Bedazzled Tomato