Comforts from the Grave


That bubbling mess was my dinner today. It is my grandmother’s secret recipe. No really, very few people can re-create it. It’s probably because her cooking was always in measurements like “add this, oh and don’t forget the garlic, and that thing” She made re-creating her cooking after her death almost impossible. However I am happy to say, that I can frequently remake her spaghetti and I will now tell you the trick.

Buy the meatballs from the place your grandma buys meatballs from. They are magical. Learn all about their ways, also learn about who lives around this magical shop who can always get you meatballs as your Christmas gift, your wedding gift, your house warming gift, and your birthday gifts. It’s worth it to have a stash of food that when you eat, it feels like your grandma is hugging you.

Is that normal? That eating food tastes like hugs? Oh good god help me.