Christmas Christmas Everywhere

Christmas 2010_0080

After over a week of holiday activities I couldn’t be happier in clean pajamas at my sweet home in Charleston. It was quite a festive week with lots of great people and good puppies.

I ate everything this woman put her hands on because she’s a world renowned chef. At least she is in handsome’s family! And holy moley she made good food.
Christmas 2010_0089

There was turtle –

Christmas 2010_0088

Home – made puff pastries.
Christmas 2010_0124

They must have loved me because they were willing to share one of the two strawberry filled ones. Sweet Jesus! I’ll be swinging up to Minnesota to learn how to make these babies.

Then! Then his family brought out the big guns.
Christmas 2010_0191

Stop the engine, and pull over! This cutie stole the show. She was so good it was a delight.

And of course the family must have known I liked puppies…
Christmas 2010_0172

And funny faces that make me giggle –
Christmas 2010_0147

Good family to talk to
Christmas 2010_0129

Really it was quite an adventure and I can understand why everyone thought they needed a nap afterward.
Christmas 2010_0120