Puppy Dog Tails

Christmas 2010_0068

Dear Santa,

I would like a puppy for Christmas. I know that Handsome is thinking about getting me one for our wedding present, but I really want a puppy. I would like nose kisses, snuggles, and soft paws. Also I would like tail wags, ear slaps, and sloppy kisses. I know sometimes Handsome gives me these things, but he’s not the same as a puppy. Please Santa? I’ll be really good next year (I totally blew this year I know).

Love –

BT(Dub) While I’m making a list I’d also like, a grown up bag, running shoes, grown up clothes to work in, a Serger, slippers, and RAM. No biggie No pressure… but I did leave out really good cookies (see last post)

As you guessed it I’m home and surrounded by beautiful wonderful loving (even if a bit energetic) dogs. Above is little miss sassy Mitzy and then there is the Handsome Howie
Christmas 2010_0059

He was a bit afraid of the camera and my (speaking of sassy) sister is in the background laughing at big ol’ Howie cowering by her for protection.

*Sigh* Someday I’ll have a puppy…

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