It’s Christmas Time in My Kitchen!


Oh that was just the beginning of the mess. There was a lot of dishes to do. So much so that this was a week ago and my kitchen is still in shock.

Step one. Gather friends and pour yourself some sparkling grape juice. Yes we could have gotten Champagne and yes since we are still poor like college students we are, we instead bought my favorite holiday treat. Plus it was 10 in the morning. Even we college students have slight limits. (By the way did anyone else notice the definite lack of freckles. It makes me entirely too sad).

Next. Start making cookies batches that call for somewhere around six dozen cookies. Oh and double that batch.


Then roll em’ out and pan em’ up!


You’ll note my beautiful roommate in this picture – and her festive shirt. Oh and the pile of dishes on the table…


Start making a bigger mess by making from scratch icing. Note my pearls – it coincides with my current Julia Child addiction (Best Christmas gift I’ve not received? An Old Used, Worn, Yellowed copy of Julia’ Child’s cookbook – Keep me in mind when you’re at Garage Sales – Thrift Stores or Used Book Stores ) Editor’s Note : Those are fake pearls – if anyone wants to get me a Christmas gift of pearls I’d be okay with that too.


Start Decorating! And don’t stop until you’ve decorated all 206 cookies. Then switch to something stronger than sparkling juice and get those dishes done.

No really I need you to come here and get them done. … They aren’t going to wash themselves you know.