Gift Ideas

Now here’s the thing. We all know I love Christmas. I super love Christmas – I love when someone looks at you and says, “Did you make this?” Okay so yes it is a little “toot toot” of my own horn, but really it makes me happy I’m crafty.

Here’s some idea’s for all you crafty people out there and the ones you love that like gifts. *Who doesn’t like gifts let’s be serious here*

Skip to my Lou has a great great tutorial for a felt lunch. Adorable right? I’ve thought about making this so many times it makes me hurt to think I haven’t had time yet.

Adorable Mandipity has an easy tutorial for a beautiful scarf. It seems so easy you could make this in the masses for all the women in your life (including me!). I would be whipping these out faster than you can blink – IF I lived closer to a fabric store. I love this town most of the time, but that whole lack of fabric store really gets to me. And don’t even get me started on … Walmart.

Again, that is most definitely not me. I wish after I was done with a project I looked like that, but it’s more or less me covered in string, icing, and other materials I might have been working with, and at times I may have a slight wound or two. Clearly I should leave the crafting to people like Mandipity, but she makes it look so simple!

That’s it for now more to come. Please note for those of you terrible Christmas peakers these are NOT your gifts. I know you too well and wouldn’t let you know what they were this easily… muahahaha.


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