I love Christmas

Not necessarily in that cheesy way, of snow loving, hot coco drinking yuppies, but in the whole little kid “PRESENTS!!” kinda way. Lame right? Well maybe, but I think Christmas is my favorite time of year because of giving. I’m super proud of myself so far I’ve found excellent Christmas gifts for the people I love.

For instance I told Rooster, my future brother in law (and A class bad ass) that when he moved into his new house I would make him a quilt like handsome’s. Well three months after he moved into his house I went to work for a whole day of sewing and TaDah
Smore Pie_0065

He loved it! There was immediate snuggling that went on after I gave it to him. Now sure I messed up a little, I’m no professional seamstress, but darnit I was pretty proud of myself. Look at this sucker!
Smore Pie_0066

It was all worth it though, because Rooster super liked it. Which is why I super like giving gifts.

Handsome has the best gifts. Mostly because I love him the best, we thought we would do something different this year and buy a gift for each other and for the other. So we are going to give the gift of adventure, we were thinking another kiss-z-cook cooking adventure because it gave handsome a lot of courage in the kitchen, and it gave me one of my favorite recipes. Then we thought we would give each other little gifts like Christmas. I think I”m doing pretty good, even if handsome does already know a lot of his gifts and I have gone over budget… Oops.

Then there’s my future in-laws. They are so so hard to buy for. My future father in law is a minimalist that just screams “worst person to buy Christmas gifts for” but I got it. I did really good, I’m proud of myself and I can’t wait till they open their gifts!

Then there’s my sister, ,check and double check.

There’s still about a million people to get gifts for but I’m not stressed I’m super excited, I love shopping for that gift that’s going to make people super happy to open and to have.

Christmas Eee!