Working a Big-Boy Job – My Latest Adventure

I’m loving it – work that is.  I’d have to say I’m an extremely lucky man.  Not everyone gets to do what they love – and sometimes people just have trouble finding what they love to do.  I knew I loved working with computers, so maybe I could be a computer technician and help people with their computers.  Well, I do a lot of that now -but its not my job.  Jen says I should at least ask for people to bake me cookies for fixing their computer – but I still do it for nothing.

And throughout high school and college I did the whole desktop application development and programming with QBasic, C++, Visual Basic, Java, COBOL, etc.. and loved that.  I had some great teachers throughout the years who really taught me a lot – especially good ole Jim Egan – my high-school programming teacher and basketball coach.  Not a better man out there – or crazier.

Then I finally found some development for the web – I started coding PHP, and making basic websites.  Through the years, I spent the most time on that, and then I got a graduate assistantship  with one of the technology groups on-campus and did web development and database design for them for 2 years as a graduate student.  During those 2 years I had 2 internships – 1 summer at Caterpillar in Peoria, and another at State Farm in Bloomington.  I enjoyed both (especially the pay), but working at big companies like that just wasn’t for me.  So I found what I like, and I found where I liked to do it – EIU.

EIU has been my home for 6 years now, and I’ve come to know so many great people (including my beautiful and wonderful fiancee) and be involved in so many great things.  So, getting a job here was a blessing – I couldn’t ask for anything more.

RattleSnake Master_0194
My office - in the basement of Old McAfee Gym on the campus of Eastern Illinois University!

As you can see from the pic above – I have 2 awesome canvas’s hanging on my wall – both pictures I took.  It was a recent groupon – 70% off canvas printing.  I’ve got quite a bit more work though to really decorate the office well – but its a start.