Love Notes

Indianapolis Kids Museum 020

Love notes I think, and hope I always think, are necessary to a happy relationship. Okay that’s a lie, but you know what is the best feeling in the world? Seeing it on paper, knowing it’s real, and hearing the voiceover of the man you love.

I woke up this morning freezing and already a little behind (So what if I wait to do homework every morning *right* before class) and I drag myself into the 59 freezing cold air and I try to put on my big girl pants. No really I went up a size in pants and I’m sometimes not happy about it. Anyway so I’m dressed and trying to fend off the cold and I grab my computer and I notice a piece of paper I left between the two parts of my laptop. This is where I normally put things that need to be done ASAP that morning.

Except I didn’t put anything there. And I certainly wouldn’t have folded it because then I would have had to reprint. So I open this piece of paper and I realize, it’s not printed on. It’s certainly not my handwriting – it’s handsome’s.

I think that there’s something about a quick note before you’re out the door that says so much about love. Maybe it’s from growing up in a house that has love notes hidden in the ceiling and on the chalk board and in the floors that made me weak at the knees for my own handsome’s handwriting but he’s the best. He really is.