Sick. Sick. Sick.

Smore Pie_0059
That is CLEARLY not me. (NOTE : I changed the picture, it most definitely is me in all my sick-tired-sleeping-grossness) I wish though. I wish I looked that pretty and perfectly cuddled when I am sick, instead imagine blankets thrown everywhere, hair a mess I haven’t showered in two days, and I’m so sad I’m almost in tears. – I do not handle being sick well. Handsome on the other hand is amazing, he takes care of himself for the most part and will barley stay in bed! (I have to coerce him to take naps by being ultra-cuddly on days he doesn’t feel well.

Last night I was so sick I couldn’t stop from tossing and turning and by this time my eyes were wide open. So I quietly left the bed and told handsome I would sleep downstairs so I don’t keep him awake. After a lot of persuading he finally let me go.

I stayed up and got a lot of extremely necessary work done, and tried not to pout. Then after about an hour handsome comes all wrapped up in a blanket down the stairs and straight to me, “Can I snuggle?” He’s the best. In the whole world. He woke up out of bed just to be closer to me and stayed by the couch next to the one I was on.

Then when I was in a lot of pain I asked handsome to come to my couch for some super snuggles, and the best part was the super snuggles. He held me close for what short (2 hours) I slept and it was just really nice to have someone take care of me.

I really love that man.