Wedding Fe Fi Foe Fedding

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Wedding Wedding Wedding. What’s to plan in a wedding. Some things are really exciting to me with my wedding, one of them being,

TOMS! Aren’t they beautiful shoes? The best part is for every pair you buy the send a pair to children who need them in other countries. I’m a big fan of them. Okay so I’ve never owned a pair, but I’m looking forward to owning a pair. As am I looking forward to my entire wedding party wearing them.

DIY! I love that so far this wedding has been what can I make and make personal to handsome and I? I’ve found a lot of good things, and sadly I’m not always good at crediting every blog that I sneak ideas off of, but here’s one from inspired bride!

These! Aren’t they beautiful. I saw this on ruffledblog and I knew I wanted to make them. They look relatively easy to make, but more than that they look beautiful. They must be in right now though because I feel like every wedding site has a picture of these little beauties. I shall try to have them at my own beautiful party!

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