Hiding From the World


That’s me. Sitting on the couch under blankets. Much like right now where I have a few minutes till class and I’m still hiding under my covers wishing the world would go easy on me today. I guess I haven’t given the world a fair chance as I’ve been out of bed for 2 minutes and that was for my morning tinkle. I still find it hard to drag out of bed and chin up and chest out when all I want to do is have a little air hole for breathing.

Perhaps it’s the power of positive thinking. Let’s try that. Let me re-write that paragraph.

Okay so maybe I’m still in bed but let’s talk about all the things I’ve done from bed. I’ve made two phone calls for work. Moved ahead on booking my wedding. Read an assignment for class. Answered an important email for one of my clubs. All of that is for something! Imagine when I get out of bed all the stuff I’ll get done. I am doing fine and I’m getting a ton of things done. So much so that maybe I deserve a cookie for breakfast.

We’ll see which thinking wins out in the long run.

-Tomato Tired.