I Think This is a Sign

Molly with Jen 010
That I need to slow down. Relax and breathe.

List of Things that are good in my life,

-A lot of my friends are coming from odd places around to my college dump to celebrate my engagement party
-One of them is bringing cookies from my favorite cookie shop
-One of them is bringing goodies from my mother
-My engagement party is tomorrow!
-I have awesome friends
-Oh and an awesome handsome
-I have brownies at my house.
-Oh god and Granny Cake
-I have a house large enough to entertain in
-I have an ice maker large enough to not need ice
-I have an awesome future-brother in law
-Well two, but only one is coming to the engagement party the other said something about a 12 hour drive is too long. Pish Posh.
-I have the best Maid of Honor ever. Well actually scratch that, I’ve always had the best friend ever.
-I have abilities.

Oh and I have a new JOB. Okay so I use the term loosely because Job infers that I’m getting paid, but I’m not. However you are looking at the new Head Coach for Charleston High School Swim Team. Oh ya.

Now excuse me while I use this boost of energy to head upstairs and brush my tangled mess of a hair and try to count all my ducks that are clearly not lined up as nicely as I left them.

-Cherry Tomatoes Scattered all Around your kitchen.