A great opportunity just came to me. We are talking about the kind of things you put on a list since you’ve been little of things you want to do when you “grow up” list. I know crazy right? Part of me wanted to spend hours running around in circles like Jessica’s Daily Affirmation “I like my hair! I like my body! I like my studies! I like my fiance! I like my cooking skill!” but then I realized that people might stare at me funny in the quad so I didn’t. I called my best friend instead. Who felt no remorse in asking me why I wasn’t running around in circles.

It’s an awesome opportunity, and I’m sure I’ll blog more about it later. Another one of the cool things though, was telling handsome all the details about the opportunity (because I called him the second I even thought it could be an opportunity and he’s been going through the feasibility, probability and other ilitys that I was too giddy to think about) and he could see how with each new detail I was getting so excited. I wanted this! So he said my favorite thing, “Then do it honey.” It’s just so great to have someone care and love me and support me. It’s so nice to have someone behind me.


What does this picture have to do with anything? That’s me there in the shorts, you know the one you can’t see the head behind. Ya that’s me, and sometimes that’s how I feel. But I love all of those blankets and pillows I’m holding (you know that metaphorically stands for all the things I do) and it’s gonna be hard to carry all of this, but I think I can do it. I think I can.