My Ever-Growing To Do List

-Turn in Background Check Form
-Sign up for 20 hours of observation- In Illinois
-Print out Flyers
-Get Flyers Approved
-Write Agenda for meeting Sun & Sat
-Write Agenda for meeting Thursday
-Do slave labor
-Finish Reading Two novels by Thursday
-Start the two novels I am suppose to have done by Thursday (What it’s Wednesday already!?)
-Call old boss to see if I get new job
-See if someone would be willing to replace me
-Plan a Wedding
-Plan a time to go home to look for reception sites
-Stop Crying
-Sign up for Pre-Canna
-Go to a Bookstore to make up for the fact that I know nothing about weddings
-Write a story for class
-Write three papers for class due next week
-Throw a party on Sunday
-Prepare for the Party on Sunday
-Buy more Materials for class that I didn’t find out about until a week ago
-Plan my breaks since I have to do 20 hours observation in IL and I live in IN
-Explain to my mother why I may not be home for breaks
-Finish the two quilts I promised would be done before classes started

So you’ll have to excuse me if I look a little frazzled lately, I’m just trying to catch up with my life and my breath.
Labor Day Weekend 2010 011Because ontop of all of this, I decided to cook. Because for future reference there’s a 99.5% Chance that most of those to-do’s will just lead to a bigger to-do list and no feeling of satisfaction that I got things done. And do you know what happens when you make something like this?

Labor Day Weekend 2010 008

You feel like you can do something. You feel like you accomplished something. And your stomach loves you.

-Tomato Seeds