Friends – They Paved Paradise and Put up a Parking Lot

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till its gone?
Graduation 201

I’m done living with teammates and fellow college students.  It’s exciting to be moving on, and for me, I’m a bit of a neat freak – so I enjoy having a place more of my own that’s kept clean.  Even Jen was ready to get out of 2nd street, and the craziness of my roommates.  But now – we’ve moved on – Jen is living with 2 of her girlfriends, and I have an apartment – but I’m mostly at Jen’s.  We both already miss the constant hum of scum and stupidity of 2nd street.  We both already miss someone always being an idiot and an asshole.  We both miss always having something crazy going on.

We both miss my scummy, piece of shit, lazy, shithead roommates.

Today we went and did some bridge jumping with some old teammates – and it was a blast!  First off, the bridge is baller, and its about 30 feet from the water.  The jump doesn’t take long, and it doesn’t look bad – but when you are standing on the edge of the bridge, ready to jump, it looks like the water is miles down.  Beautiful day though, cool, but warm sunshine.

It was just nice to see some of the crew again.  I’ve always been poor at keeping in touch – but I really think I’m going to do a better job of keeping in touch – because now I’m beginning to truly miss my friends.  I guess I’m blessed to have gained so many great friendships over my years – especially the friends and teammates from EIU – certainly some special people.