An Evening with the Hindes Family (And Taking in a Ball Game at Wrigley)

adventures 170
Cruisin in the Silver Bullet up the quiet I-57

Jen’s got a pretty cool brother, and he is getting ready to head to South America to backpack around the continent for a few months – pretty badass.  Anyway – before he makes his big trip (with his great girlfriend Sara (with an “h” ??)) they decided to take in Chicago a bit.  I took off of work a little early, and Jen and I made a b-line for Greektown for dinner – destination:  Santorini Greek Restuarant

adventures 171
Beautiful day for driving... and a ball game!

It was a very nice place, and I stepped out of my bounds and got some sort of Greek Meatballs that were pretty solid.  Overall though, nobody was that impressed with their meal.  After that, we got back to our cars (with a little help from our valet flying in REVERSE!!).  And headed to Wrigley.  Jen and I lucked out and got a parking spot across the street from Wrigley – we got there in the 2nd inning.  It was a hot night, mid 90’s during the day, so we were sweating just sitting in Wrigley … sitting only about 15 rows behind the 3rd base dugout!  I was determined to catch a foul ball at some point throughout the game to prove my manliness.  There are few things more manly than catching a foul ball bare-handed – except maybe catching the ball bare-handed with a bear in the other hand.

adventures 175

The game wasn’t too great – the Cubs were getting slaughtered – they made a rally in the 8th inning – but they need a miracle to get back into it.  I hadn’t been in a ballpark for a while – just a lot of fun to watch the people and the vendors especially.  The guys behind us were a racket too, so I enjoyed their commentary throughout the game.

adventures 177
What a badass bunch

After the game, we got back in the car and took on Lakeview drive, Chicago, and the world!  We made it back to Charleston about 1:40am, so it was a late one, and a long drive.  Lots of fun though, its always a blast hanging with the Hindes’ (sounds like a TV show title).  I’m looking forward to hearing about TJ and Sara’s trip to the “Bottom Side” of the world.