Weekend in Indianpolis

A few months back, Jen got an awesome cooking class offer in her Groupon inbox – so we signed up for “Date Night: Italy!”  We both weren’t sure when we would be able to take the class – but Groupon gave us a year to complete the fabulous offer.  Summer rolled in and finally we picked a date – but Jen being the anti-pirate she is – decided we should spend the weekend in Indianapolis.  I was hesitant at first because I like staying home and being a pirate and getting work done.  But, our weekend turned out Great!

Kizz Z Cook

Kiss Z Cook 018
Look at how beautiful my hunny is!

This cooking class turned out to be amazing, and not quite what we thought it would be.  I thought the chef would be upfront teaching the group (which was about 10 couples) – but when we got there, each couple had to make part of the meal.  Jen and I got to make Tomato Bisque – and we rocked it.

Kiss Z Cook 005
The Group (minus Jen, taking the picture)

The class was great, and all the staff and the chef at Kiss Z Cook were great.  But even better was the group of couple there that we got to meet.  Everyone was a fun loving bunch – and the couple from England was hilarious.

Kiss Z Cook 010
Did I mention how lucky I am?

Rock Climbing @ Climb Time

After our stay at the Drury Inn – we headed over to Climb Time!  Jen had never climbed before, and I had done it once since my friends back home worked at a rock climbing place.  It was tons of fun, although killer on the upper arm/body strength.  We did this for about an hour, and were done.  They had lots of courses, and I had lots of fun try to go over ledges and at backwards angles.  Jen was a little nervous at first because she thought on the way down she had to hold my entire weight!  Luckily that’s not hte case, or we would have been in trouble!

Looking “buff” in the climbing harness

Childrens Museum

Unknown before we went there, The Indianapolis Childrens Museum is the biggest in the world, and is awesome!  We spent almost 3 hours there looking at all the cool stuff they had.  The dinosaur exhibit was pretty baller, and my hunny decided to get into costume
Indianapolis Kids Museum 017

Indianapolis Kids Museum 020
Scary, I know
Indianapolis Kids Museum 023
Beverage of Choice (Although food courts don't have the best food, fyi)

And here is this baller clock that is run by water!  We got there just before 1pm, so we got to see the clock make a big change, emptying almost all the containers!
Indianapolis Kids Museum 030

A crazy sculpture made out of blown glass:
Indianapolis Kids Museum 033

Indianapolis Kids Museum 066
That's Us!
Indianapolis Kids Museum 079
"Keep Critters on your wrist!" - That is absurd!

Our adventure as spectacular spectacular!