Holy Cow This Could Work

After a stressful yesterday things are starting to look up. This weekend Handsome and I looked at a few places where we could get married. There was the church that is right down the street that has this blue from the seventies and is so ugly that since we couldn’t get in we just creeped looking through the windows and said “Nah.” So we don’t have any pictures of that for you but we do have our other two options.

This one is our number one so far. It wouldn’t be too packed, everyone could fit and it’s pretty.


This one is our number two (of two) and we like it. It can work, it’s very small everyone would be very close to each other, but we definitely like number one the best.


Sorry for the feeling of slanting but we got there right before mass and took a picture and left! Oops!

Then there were places to PARTY after our wedding. The reception! Woo woo.


Be still my heart. Let me tell you a story about this place. It lives in a small town in New Carlisle, Indiana and it is beautiful yes, but there’s so much more that isn’t seen here. The place is called the Blue Lantern and it has so much history you wouldn’t believe. It’s right by the train stop from Chicago and people use to come in swarms to the blue lantern to drink, smoke, and dance. Yes Dance. We’re talking old fashion swing here (Did I mention that handsome and I swing??) We are talking Al Capone’s old hang out. We are talking history. Beauty and a (gross) lake front view that you can’t see. It’s up there.

Then there was this beauty…

You can’t see it exactly because everything is green, but the little stick figure out there is me (I love wide angle lenses they make me look like I never have to go to the gym!) and right where I am is where the hill starts to go down. Here’s another picture of the wide green.


Can’t you just imagine a big tent right there in the middle and a party with all of our closest friends and family?! I can! I can! So as of right now this is our number one. We just have a few things to think about.

-Cost (the field has nothing in it which means, toilet, electricity, music, food, everything has to be brought in)
-Heat – both the Blue Lantern and Bourissa Hills will deal with heat either from bad circulation or it’s outside!
-Parking – once again both spots stink
-Getting Lost ability for our guests
-Are we going to allow a time difference between the reception and wedding and where will people stay?

Oh sorry that last one snuck in.

-Tomato Smush