Molly with Jen 032

Sometimes I realize that Handsome and I are going to adventure for the rest of our lives and I get so excited I borderline can’t contain the excitement. I become absolutely giddy. First of all we have this website that is on it’s way to becoming awesome, secondly we have have so many adventures already “under our belt” and so many more to look forward to. I still haven’t even told you all about the adventures from this past weekend!

I am just looking forward to holding his hand as we walk everywhere in life and in the world! I want to walk with him in Egypt, around lakes, on beaches, on mountains, in front of camp fires, in Italy! You name it and I cannot wait to share it with him! Okay so the exclamation points might be getting a bit much, but guess what? I love my handsome, and I cannot let you know enough just how much I look forward to forever, and yet, I just can’t wait to have lunch with him today it makes me that happy to do the small things with him. Therefore I can’t wait till the next minute comes because it means I love him still and I have more to share with him.

Molly with Jen 034

-Mushy Tomato