Adventure is OUT THERE

This was my past weekend was filled with, cooking, laughter, adventures, self affirmations, snuggles, and best of all smiles.

It started off with an adventure at Kiss Z Cook in Indianapolis Indiana. What a production if I do say so myself!

Kiss Z Cook 004

Chef’s smile was the most contagious. But the best part was still being close to my handsome all weekend.

Kiss Z Cook 010

Seriously look how handsome he is! Yum!

Kiss Z Cook 040

Grilling with the boys!

Kiss Z Cook 018

Making food!

Kiss Z Cook 036

These people were in the kitchen station next to ours and she was very nervous the first few minutes, but after a glass of wine that woman had confidence! Look at her so proud of her tart!

Kiss Z Cook 006

This was Handsome and I’s creation. It was a Tomato Bisque. Better than that it had BUTTER, CREAM, TOMATOES, and BASIL. Best. Soup. Ever.

Kiss Z Cook 005

After we spent so long slaving over our part of the meal we all brought our parts together and shared. We laughed over good food and that couple in the back right? They were from England and had me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Where’s my tomato bisque soon when I want it now!?