The hot question. The million dollar question.

When are you going to get married??

Married eh… So is September too soon? Apparently yes because everyone looks at me like I am an alien (the green kind) when I say September 2010? Okay Well here’s the deal when you are a *takes a deep breath* EnglishMajorwithaTeachersCertification AND a CreativeWritingMinor AND a Women’sStudiesMinor Well that adds three years left till you finish college. Within three years you can do a lot of things. Mainly Marry the man you love.

So there’s the time-line. Between Now and 2012. No big deal. Okay well we also know that I love summer, and we want to have pictures outside so we want to have it in the summer. Which leaves us Summer 2011 or Summer 2012.

Let’s look shall we?


  • Cousin Regan is getting married
  • Cousin Meera is getting married
  • Handsome’s older brother is getting married
  • Study Abroad for five weeks??


  • Nothing

Why is this so hard. Why can’t everyone let me get married in September. Or tomorrow.