Sometimes Handsome Needs Snuggles

I notice as I read all of my blogs, well frankly I notice a lot of whining about significant others. Let me get the record straight. I love handsome. He isn’t perfect, but I’m not either and I even love his imperfections.

I think sometimes people just forget that it’s not just you in the relationship that needs a date night. Or in my case, a night with all the candles lit and just sitting on the couch snuggling. Sure we talked a little, but it was mostly just being entangled in our snuggles and almost falling asleep and just relaxing. Who would have thought? It was the best night we’ve had in a while.

I woke up earlier than I would have. I slept well. I feel good. And I am giving myself kudos for having a nice relaxing night for the both of us.

However on the contrast today will be a day of constant movement.