It Fits. It Fits. It Fits.


My ring was shipped to Handsome’s hometown because that’s where we are this weekend. So of course while I first walked into the door and saw the box I knew my ring was in I calmly hugged his mother and waited for someone else to bring it up meanwhile my insides were jumping around like a little kid just minutes before the clock turns to midnight on the day before Christmas.

It Fits! And it’s beautiful. Okay truthfully, I wish the ring was a *little* smaller just so I really have to twist to get it off. Mainly that’s because that’s how all my other rings are, and secondly because I would be crushed absolutely crushed if I lost this ring. That and sometimes I have a tendency to lose things…

I know it’s just a ring who cares I’ve had them for a while now wearing them religiously and adding meaning to all of them. But he picked out this ring all by himself. It’s so beautiful. It’s. It’s everything I could have ever asked for. More importantly though, He’s all I could have ever asked for.

He holds me when I have nightmares. He loves me when I’m crabby. He tells me how beautiful I am like a broken record, but he means what comes out of his mouth every single time. He laughs with me. He helps me. He loves me.

I love this ring because my handsome gave it to me, and because it means my handsome will soon by my husband.

Pictures to come.