My Future InLaws

I’m heading to my Handsome’s hometown this weekend. One to celebrate both his older brother’s engagement and ours. On top of that we weren’t sure where we were going to be this weekend so we sent my engagement ring to his hometown so we wouldn’t miss it.

And of course me being me suggested I would cook something for the weekend. For Pete’s sake his mom was going to be cooking all weekend for 7! I might as well help where I can.

Oh Why. Why did I give myself such a task. Perhaps because I feel better walking into situations when I’m carrying food. (Which by the way reflects the way I look now a days because I just saw a picture of me, and my butt needs to get to a gym today!)

If you haven’t heard of the amazing Pioneer Woman you need to google that shit. She is also probably the reason I have a little more curves than I’d like to admit to, but she makes the most delicious food you wouldn’t believe!

So I thought I’d go safe with her Chicken Salad the Way I Like It.

Which is all great and Dandy until I opened what was suppose to be my non-flavored yogurt and guess what I found?

Pink. It was pink. With a little strawberry on the front. Nevermind that I had also forgot about cooking this until 10 at night thus it was now 11.

I laid on the floor. Yep. I just laid there. I was giving up to the gods of sick senses of humor.

What did handsome do? He ran all the way to the grocery store and picked up two things of yogurt. For all you other gentleman out there you have officially been taken out of the running, my heart fills for him. He ran all the way to the grocery store for yogurt that really was non-flavored.

-Tomato Guts