My Brother

He’s the one in the big white coat on the left.

Here’s how my conversation went with my brother when I told him I was engaged,

Me: “Hey TJ sorry to interrupt”
TJ: “Ya I’m at work what do you want?”
Me: “I just thought you should know- Nate asked me to marry him and I said yes.”
TJ: “Are you fucking for real?”
Me: “Yep! He asked me a few hours ago!”
TJ: “You still have years left in college don’t you?!”
Me: “Yep.”
TJ: “I mean I’m happy for you. Wow.”

My brother, oh god where do I start. So my brother – for some god forsaken reason has always been someone I’ve looked up to and defended the hell out of. For instance, when he was getting yelled at (for trying to hide a detention from my parents) I told my parents to stop yelling at him it just simply isn’t nice. It happened a lot. It happened so much, my parents thought TJ was paying me off to defend him so therefore he was yelled at more, until they realized I just didn’t like people being mean to my older brother.

So I’ve always defended his shenanigans so much so that I started to admire them. No one and I mean no one can argue that my brother doesn’t have a desire for the… whim side of life. As in, I worked here for long enough time to go travel South America with a backpack- No big deal.

Two things happened yesterday to make me think about my brother and smile.

One I finally called him back after the above “shock phone call” of my engagement. And I told him about how I was thinking about giving him an ultimatum- He can either wear a tux, stand up for me in my bridal party, and give a speech at my wedding, or he can cater it. Then I launched into how mean that is though because I know he won’t give a speech for me because the last wedding he was suppose to give a speech he literally had a panic attack. But my brother surprised me and he said, “What ever you want me to do Jen I will” or something like that, I was so surprised that he would be willing to do that for me. I almost welled up with tears when he said it. No really I was in shock! It was so nice.

Then I told my brother about how everyone has fears about me losing my personality and becoming a “wife” and not a “tomato” and he tried to talk to me about it and then finally he said, “Look I’m trying to tell you you’re going to be fine.”

Brother’s are the best. Why didn’t I talk to him sooner?