Reunited and It Feels So Good

After a four hour south drive. In the heat. Where it is currently… 95. Where you step out side and immediately sweat. Where all the lights turned red when I have to pee. (And When I have to pee it’s like an emergency to get to a bathroom!) Where my house is still in “hey I’m a college kid doing the great migration from one lease to the next” living stage.

Where my handsome is!

Look at that smile folks I mean seriously! His smile is the kind that makes me weak at the knees still. He always is so happy. It’s just so beautiful. Never mind the fact that I could literally eat up the rest of him. I mean seriously you’re not going to offend me, you can say it, that man is good looking (hence the name handsome) and what is he doing with a roll of duct tape?- That is definitely a question for another blog post.

Anyway so we are back together again and I can’t wait to lay next to him all night, to snuggle, to cuddle, and to kiss the hell out of that smile. I just hope he shaved today.

-Red and Circular (Tomato)