Okay so I’m Engaged

Woah! Engaged! Let’s catch up here shall we?


So this was what I pulled up the other day, (about two weeks ago actually). It all happened super fast. First he wouldn’t let me see his mint.com (online money manager) to see if we had money in our “movie budget” and two days later he tells me to open up eiu.edu and this is what I see! Look in the bottom left corner, right there that’s him! That’s ME! That’s what.. MARRY YOU!?

Of course I said yes!

Yes. Yes. Yes!

Now we’ve been engaged for two weeks. TWO WEEKS! And the world wants to know, where’s the ring? What’s the date? When are you thinking? Are you going to get married here? There? Where? Is it going to be a small wedding? A big wedding?

I have to admit, we as a couple know nothing, and we’re taking it one day at a time. Once we know everyone will know, and you (who ever you readers may be) will be with me along the ride.

For now I’m visiting my home town for a week to celebrate with my mom and sadly my handsome is not with me. He is down at school doing work and living without me. Sheesh who thought you could miss someone this much?

More to come, and maybe a backstory of how me and handsome met.

-Trying to Find my Vegetable (Tomato)