Chihuahua – Day 5 (3/18/10)

We were going to eat breakfast with the kids, but after staying up so late, we didn’t go. We had breakfast here, and then about 8:30 Emilio drove us into town to the centro. On our way there, we saw Paco – he was delivering tacos. Just crazy though – in a huge town like Chihuahua – we ran into Paco. Anyway, Emilio dropped us off at the Cathedral, and first we went to the bank to get some pesos.

Mexico 10 - Doris 157

Mexico 10 - Colleen 133

Mexico 10 - Colleen 140

We loaded up and first I brought everyone down a street for shopping – but nobody was buying anything. So we stopped and asked everyone what they wanted – Doris wanted to go to the Museum “Casa Chihuahua”, so we did. It was 20 pesos per person and it was a very nice place. We spent a little over an hour there. Then we headed to the craft market, and spent an hour there. I really didn’t’ need to buy anything, so Jen and I bought 2 bowls, and she bought some large oversized silverware.

Then we went and grabbed some lunch at a small place just around the corner from the market. Oh, Jen also bought a backpack and we bought one for Doris too, she was very happy because she wanted it. Cameron bought a wrestlers mask, and most of the girls bought Mexican blankets.

Mexico 10 - Maura 229

The restaurant we ate at was small and the pipe that was supposed to go from the stove to outside was not connected, so all the smoke stayed inside. A little kid came inside selling things and he kept rubbing his eyes and wanted to leave because the smoke was so bad. The food was very good, but I of course was still hungry. Everyone enjoyed the food and the good juice they had.

Mexico 10 - Cameron 126

Mexico 10 - Maura 232

After lunch – which took a while – we headed out back to the cathedral and then to the food market. We bought oranges and mangos and cheese. After that we bought candy for the kids. Then we headed back to the Cathredal to meet up with Emilio. We got there and shopped around. Doris bought some leaves to make tea! Then Emilio was there and we loaded up and left.

Mexico 10 - Doris 164

Mexico 10 - Catherine 055

Mexico 10 - Cameron 142

Mexico 10 - Maura 312

Mexico 10 - Doris 198

Mexico 10 - Colleen 215