Chihuahua – Day 3 (3/16/10)

Breakfast this morning at 7:15 with the kids. It was crazy – so loud in there and just crazy. The food was refried beans, and I thought it was pretty good, but nobody else really liked it. After breakfast, we waited until 8:15, and then found Maria Del Mar, and we got to work! La Ganja is having a large opening ceremony tomorrow of their new buildings, so they want the place to look very clean. So we swept and mopped and scrubbed things. After that we found Raul and started to work with him. But only Jen, Mel, Carmen and me went with him – the others helped clean the dorms. Yvonne is the woman in charge of the dorms, and she was very excited to finally have some help to clean the place up.

Mexico 10 - Cameron 065

With Raul, the work was not so fun – we “cleared the yard” for 2 hours – something we did last year for only about a half an hour. I got 2 nice blisters and a sore body from it. Mel was not happy that we took her away from cleaning for this, and we were wishing pain upon Catherine, who got to go to the zoo with the little kids. Jenny wanted to go, but we figured it would be better if Catherine did because she spoke more Spanish.

Mexico 10 - Jen 096

Then we took lunch and it was rice and meat, pretty basic, but it was good. Then we came back to our room for a few minutes and got some snacks and then we got to work. All of us went with Raul and hoed all afternoon. About an hour into it, Raul had me go paint with Carlos. We painted the long wall on the far side of el estadio. Mostly just re-painting over the bad spots. That took all afternoon, but it was good. I got the paint/calcium all over me, and it left some marks and sticky spots on my skin – might be a reaction with the sunscreen – or maybe the bits of cactus juice that is added to the paint. Anyway, Carlos and I cleaned up, and just then the group came in from the farm, and we went back to our room and took showers, and then had a nice little creak before having our first hot shower since we have been here – so that was great! We still had an hour until dinner, so we went and played with the kids, and even though we were all really tired, it turned into piggyback rides and running – but it’s all so fun with the kids.

Dinner was potato soup, the girls I sat with did not eat it, but I thought it was good. They kept wanting me to sing Lady GaGa and other songs. But before dinner, pace said they could bring nothing into the cafeteria because it was clean and had to remain clean for tomorrow – so what did the kids do – stuff their pockets with whatever they could. So Doris started frisking the kids before they went in – and it was hilarious. After I was already inside I witnessed a kid walk through the doors after being frisked, and then spit something out from under is tongue! After dinner, we rested breidly, then I talked to Paco and found a place to eat, about 25 minute walk, but the food was very good. Jen and I had hamburgers, and fries. All the food was really good!!

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Mexico 10 - Colleen 056

Mexico 10 - Colleen 057

Mexico 10 - Doris 120

So we ate for a while and took some pictures, and Jen went to go pay and said she would like to buy some onions to make gaucomole, and they just gave us 2 onions.

We started walking home, we decided not to take the bus, but after about 2 minutes of walking, this car pulled up – and it was Paco! He had a small little car, 4-5 person – but somehow we got all 10 of us, plus Paco, in the car. After we all got in, we couldn’t close the door because it was stuck on the curb because how much lower the car was sitting after we all got it. We got home, had reflection, and got to bed.