Chihuahua – Day 2 (3/15/10)

Monday things got a little crazier, because all the rest of the kids showed up, but it was good to see old faces – but we also saw a lot of new faces – and we didn’t see some of the faces we remembered from last year.

We had breakfast in the room and finished off the Zucritas. Then we just went and played with the kids – since its San Benedito Juarez Day, there is no school. At about 10am, the kids went to watch the tele and they watched “Treasure Planet.” We watched about half, and then we walked to the “alsuper” – supermarket. It was not the same one Luiz took us to last year, but it had an ATM and it worked! We bought some good food, and juice, and got some pesos. We started walking back, and just after we left the store, we caught a bus – so that was perfect so we didn’t’ have to walk the 25 minutes with all our groceries.

Got back to our room and snacked a bit on all the good food we bought. We finished off all the pico we bought, and nearly a bag of chips. Then we went and had lunch with the kids, pasta and pizza. It was a big lunch but good. After that, it was playtime. I took Romero to the bathroom a few more times, even had to take #2, so that was a bit of an experience. Paco came and we started to play games. First was a game of handball?? – Kind of like ultimate Frisbee, but with a ball. It was good. Then we played volleyball for a long time. Then we just ran around with the kids. They all started showing up – coming back from their holiday weekend. We saw Diva and Ariel, 2 kids we definitely remembered from last year.

Mexico 10 - Cameron 052

Mexico 10 - Cameron 054

Then we had dinner, it was optional for the kids, so not everyone ate – it was cereal, like puffed wheat – it was pretty good, although it was soggy instantly. Then after that we came back to the room and ate some more, and then talked for a bit and then had reflection. It was about sharing what you had and sharing gifts. I read the parable of the talents for the group. We had solid discussion, it was good. The group is definitely coming together better, everyone laughing more. Took another cold shower then went to bed!