Chihuahua – Day 1 (3/14/10)

The trip was better this year – less of an adventure though. Last year was the first time ASB came here to Chihuahua, so this time we knew all the ropes, and we have Doris along – so she is much better with Spanish than Margie was last year, and a little faster on the draw.

Mexico 10 - Colleen 003

Day 1 we woke up early (at least I did, Cameron’s alarm went off 5 inches from his head, and it didn’t wake him up, but certainly woke me up, it was loud!). We had Zucritas, and then we went to church at 10:15. We got there about 10, and Doris wanted to sit in-front, so we did. The church is very beautiful, and the mass was good. When we were there, Hermana Ana came and said hi to us – it was great to see her again. We also saw some of the kids from the orphanage – Roberto (Mario’s brother), Lalo, Daniella. Romero broke his leg this morning – or maybe it was just a fracture. Romero is still super cute. Lalo is still the man, one of my favorites – because is always seems happy. After igelsia, Hermana Ana (la jeffe) gave us the presentation on the orphanage. After that we played with the kids until 1:45, then lunch (finally! I was looking forward to getting some real Mexican food again!).

Playing with the kids is easier this year, my Spanish isn’t really better – but I guess I’m just more willing out put myself out there and make the kids laugh. Lunch was good, I sat with Benito, Romero, Lalo, so sat with the ‘cool’ guys. Lalo is such a tank; he gets food and things for Romero who can’t walk, it nice to see the kids take care of each other like that.

Mexico 10 - Maura 051

After lunch, Paco came and we hugged and then we got on a bus and headed to a park downtown to play with the kids –something we didn’t do last year. Like last year on our first day, it is Benito Juarez Day, which means not all the kids are here – only about 15-20. So we got to the park and started playing games: futbol, twister, volleyball, and ran through the skate park.

Mexico 10 - Colleen 036

Mexico 10 - Colleen 043

Mexico 10 - Colleen 045

Romero had to got the bathroom at one point, so I had to carry him to the bathroom, but we got there and the toilets were gone! So I had to improvise, I brought him to the edge of the park to pee, and tried standing him up on his one good leg – but he couldn’t do it. So I ended up just holding him in the air while he peed – Romero got a good laugh from it. Then we ran back and played some more.

On our way back to La Granja we stopped at another park with huge statues of doves, and played there a bit. The kids ran into the street at one point, and it was not good. Finally Paco got them rounded-up. Then we headed back and had some dinner. It was noodles & hot dogs, and leftover lunch (Rice & Chicken). Then we turned in for the night. We were hoping to go to the supermarket, but we did not have permission to take the van. So we had reflection, which went pretty good. Our group isn’t too talkative, but it’s only the first day. Took a cold shower – for some reason we don’t’ have hot water. Then I passed out and slept great in the nice warm beds of La Granja.