Ireland – Friday, January 1st, 2010

Delta Air Lines 1945 Class U

leaving on Friday, 1/1/2010 at 1205

from Chicago O` Hare to Atlanta-GA

arriving on Friday, 1/1/2010 at 1545

Delta Air Lines 176 Class U

leaving on Friday, 1/1/2010 at 2025

from Atlanta-GA to Dublin

arriving on Saturday, 1/2/2010 at 0910

We left Jen’s house about 4pm, and headed for her Aunt Maureen’s condo in Des Plaines, only about 10 minutes from O’Hare.  We got there just fine, used the Garmin GPS that Jen’s parents gave us for the trip to Ireland – we bought the European maps a few weeks ago at Thanksgiving. The silver bullet was loaded up with all our gear for Ireland, and lots of stuff that needed to get back to Charleston – by the time we got back to Charleston, it had been over 3 weeks since Jen had been there – far too long for her.  I had only been gone for less than 2 weeks and I already missed it.

We brought our gear up to Maureen’s and met her and her boyfriend Wally, and then Jen and I scooted over to Panera, just down the street and I got a great Panini, and she had a great soup.  Headed back to Maureen’s and watched some TV with her and Wally, and Jen and I had our Macbooks out and we were surfin the net, and doing some last minute couch-surfing – so far we had nobody to couch-surf with, so we were really tryin!

We got some sleep – our last night on regular time.  Jen and I got up and went to Panera to buy breakfast – we got the 18 bagel pack – and we got a huge variety.  They were really good, and we had a bunch to eat in the airport too!  I had 5 for breakfast, each one a different flavor.  We made sandwiches, Jen did a great job of planning the trip, and she brought bread and lunch meat, and we made 2 sandwiches each so we didn’t have to buy crappy, expensive airport food.  I parked the silver bullet out in the back parking lot, still loaded with a good amount of stuff for Charleston, and Maureen drove us to the airport.  We got there, got checked in, and got through security all in about 15 minutes!

Got to our gate, and just chilled until we could board.  We got on the planes, and got settled in, and saw the plane was equipped with wifi, so we looked, and someone on an earlier flight and written down a code to get free access, so we did some really last minute couch-surfing on our flight to Atlanta.  We had it all worked out that Jen and I had seats next to each other on every flight – I wouldn’t have it any other way!  Flight was fine, and we got into Atlanta a little early actually!
Ireland 003

We didn’t’ have to wait around in Atlanta too long, just a little less than 2 hours, and we had our sandwiches there.  We got onboard to start our nearly 9 hour flight, so we would pretty much skip the night, and get to Dublin at 8am, jumping ahead 6 time zones – and we already jumped 1 time zone by getting to Atlanta.  Jen and I sat next to eachother, and we had the window seat, the plane was arranged [AB – CDE – FG].  The flight was decent, it almost seems like they fed us constantly.  Started off with dinner, then drinks, and then movies, and then they gave us breakfast too.  Jen did not really eat at all on the plane – understandable since plane food isn’t that good – but it didn’t stop me from eating my meals and hers!

We got into Dublin, and they had just had some snow – little did we know this would be the start to some problems.