Day 3 – (3/16/09)

Slept in till nearly 8:30, had some water then some of the 10 Liter orange juice we bought last night.

Addendum to yesterday’s entry, we went to Sorriano last night, it’s the local store. We bought snacks, drinks, and candy. We could not find bagels, maybe not a Mexican option, but John said they have so many other breads. At the checkout we got our money changed into pesos. We also bought some more of those chocolate wafers that Hannah bought and we shared at 2am in the middle of nowhere on our ride to Chihuahua.

The Market

Back to today, we went for breakfast at 9 with the kids. Kind of a quiet morning, we did not talk much. I sat with some different kids today, me and Luis. Then we went down to the market to buy some fruit and sunglasses. The girls bought some mangos and pineapple. Then we saw a clothes store, so the girls went shopping then too and got shirts. Many of the young Mexican men were yelling and whistling at Carmen, saying “Mariana.” One guy even came up and kissed Carmen. They don’t see many black people in Mexico, and especially a young, good-looking lady like Carmen.



Mexico - Hannah Pt1 (90)

Mexico - Hannah Pt1 (89)

Then we headed to the farm when we got back and got to work. We started off with the bunnies, and there were extremely cute. Probably nearly 75 of them in cages. Some of them must have weighed nearly 15 pounds, but there were many babies too. We had to fill each cage with water and food, and then – the best part – cleaning all the rabbit poop off the ground. There was so much poop, we swept and sprayed it all to one end, then scooped it into a wheel barrow and then dumped it in a compost pile.


Then we moved on to the Cornish hens, and we got in there and there were about 10 hens on the loose out of the cage. I caught nearly all of them, it was a task. Also, in the rabbit cages, I caught 2 rabbits, which was damn exciting. We did similar work for the hens, except I scrubbed the food trays with bleach, and that was a bit of a job. Then we moved onto the chickens and roosters. The chickens were insane, there were a few dead chickens, and we had to pick eggs from under the live ones. We also picked hen eggs earlier with the hens. Then we went on and filled the chicken coups with food and water. As soon as we walked into the cages (there were 3 of them) the chickens crowded around us – chickens pecking at my legs. We filled their water and food, and they went crazy. Luis took the dead ones out and piled them up outside. Then we moved on to the ducks, got their eggs, and refilled their water and food. Then headed back and got some lunch


Mexico - Hannah Pt1 (101)

Lunch was good, liking all the food here, which is surprising since I’m somewhat picky. We had rice and chicken and some yogurt. All the food here is heavily sugared and sweetened. Another quiet meal, I need to work on improving my lunchtime conversations when we are hanging around the house in the evenings. The meal was good, then we went back to our house and rested for a bit, and the girls ate some mango. Kerry got it all over her face (well, at least around her mouth). Then we went outside and played with the kids.

New Games

First thing we did was play lightening (knockout). It didn’t take too long to teach them, but it was slightly complicated, especially towards the end of the game when there were just 2 people left – that can get confusing in any language. We played many games, and they liked it a lot, especially when they knocked us out. In the first game, it was Martin and Carlos in the final. They did very well for the first time.

Mexico - Hannah Pt1 (125)

Then we did the races. I lined up on the track. They have a track around their soccer field, about 200 meters I would say. It is new, they built it this winter, so it’s new and nice. They also have about 20 bikes for the kids here too, so we lined up – me on foot, and about 15 of the kids on bike and we raced. I got out fast, and I beat them in a 1 lap race, but they came up really close on me, the last curve and the home stretch they almost got me. The track looked very similar in size to our track in Lantz, except the curves are tighter here – they actually flatten out on the ends. We did that 4 more times, and I only got beat once. Very exhausting, I’m certainly not in top shape. After that we played volleyball, which was great fun. I met Domingo, a great athlete. Most of the kids seem to like us, and I think they like that I go by Raul. The volleyball court worked out well, it’s a cement court that is used for nearly everything, and we just strung up volleyball net and played. Then the kids got a hold of our cameras, and they loved taking pictures – especially Lalo and Ramero. Lalo is a very sweet, he came up to me and asked me to race him, and I was able to comprehend his Spanish – one of the first times one of the kids spoke to me something somewhat complex, and I understood. So we raced again, and a bunch of kids joined. Ramero was very shy at first, but we got him to open up a bit as the day went on – he has a beautiful big smile. Lupita and Marissa were really cute, and they hung out with the girls non-stop.

Mexico - Hannah Pt1 (131)

Mexico - Hannah Pt1 (139)

Avril & Papas Especial

Somehow, a girl named Daniella, had Avril Lavigne lyrics for Girlfriend, so Janiene and the girls talked me into singing it. It was pretty wild; I got into it and got all punky like Avril. The kids loved it and laughed at me, but it was really fun. I had to censor myself with the curse words, but one of the girls later asked what one of the curse words meant, Hannah just told them it was nothing. We hung out for a little longer then Janiene asked if we would like to go out to eat. I told her I’m sure the girls would want to, and I’m glad we did. We went with Luis and Janiene to a hamburguesas stand. We had Doble con queses y papas especial – double cheeseburgers and mashed potatoes with corn and butter and some other stuff (chili, sour cream, cheese) – It was great! Best food I’ve had in a while, and all the food we have been eating is good. Then we stopped by a hole-in-the-wall grocery store and some people bought Cokes, I bought a bag of chips. The coke here is Coke + Sugar to make it taste extra good. Then we headed back to our bunk house and finished eating. Everyone was pretty tired and wanted to skip through the reflection, which I don’t appreciate. I was hoping to spend more time in reflection. I think we need to make that a bigger part. Reflection was about carrying the light and how things are better with 2 people. It’s always better with someone to help.

Before reflection Madre Ana Ramirez came and talked to use about the Rarámuri (Tarahumar), the natives here in northern Mexico. For the Rarmuri, everyone else is Chibago. Madre Ana is a very great woman, so inviting, and loving – it was certainly a privelage to meet her and listen to her share her wisdom and knowledge with us. A very loving woman who spoke to us about the Raramuri and their culture. She read a book on them which will hopefully help them understand the kids better – many of the kids are Raramuri. She then told us a story about a Canadian sister who came down to Chihuahua to stay with her for 3 weeks. Ana Ramirez was going to a funeral, and the Canadian Sister came with her. And just having the Canadian sister there was enough to bring the bereaved family to tears. Very touching story, it nearly brought me to tears. Quick shower then off to bed.

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